6 Things I Miss Most About My Home in the Philippines…

When I left home four years ago, I was crazy excited. First, I was going to marry the love of my life. Second, I was going to America. And third, I’ll be finally free from all the stresses of work and family drama that I surrounded myself with. I felt like a girl going to college and it was a much needed change.  It turned out however, that after all the excitement of getting married, moving in to your new house, seeing new places subside. The novelty wears off and you begin to miss and feel the absence of the things and people you have left behind. And now I realize, how much I took these things for granted.

1. Dad’s home cooked meals

Neither my Mom nor me and my siblings show any interest in the kitchen other than what comes out of it. However, my Dad is a cooking machine. He used to say that cooking is therapeutic for him and it makes him happy. It makes us happy too. There’s just always something special about the meals he lovingly cooks for us. Don’t ask about the mess he makes in the kitchen though, that’s a different story.😊

2. Ate Rose and Manang Diding

You might be wondering who or what the heck is Ate Rose and Manang Diding?! Ate Rose is our cook, housekeeper, nanny and trusted assistant, among other things. She has been with us for 29 years. Manang Diding on the other hand, is our laundry lady, helper, seamstress and masseuse. Yes you read that right!😁 She has been with the family for over 15 years now. I never really understood or appreciated their skills in the house or what they did for us until I moved here and started doing things myself. People like them sacrifice so much and they should be valued even more.

3. Beaches of Baganga

Even though my hometown, Davao City is just five to ten minutes away from the beach, for me nothing compares to the beaches of Baganga, Davao Oriental. Baganga is my mom’s hometown and that’s where my grandmother who I love so dearly lives. Their pristine beaches and crystal clear waters are to die for! As of now, it’s still off the tourists’ radar but who knows until when. I just hope that they can somehow keep them untouched.

4. My girls

I’ve made quite a few friends here but it’s nice to be back with the people you grew up with. My childhood friends have seen me in my highs and lows and coming home to visit  them would be nice. But above all, I miss gossiping with my girls!

5. Pampering activities

I’ve always enjoyed treating myself with weekly hair removal treatments (I’m hairy you know😁), manicure and pedicure, facials, and hair treatments at a low budget (I’m cheap). In the Philippines, you can get your nails done for as low as $4, facials for $10 and hair treatments like hair rebonding for only $100. While it’s great when hubby treats me to something unexpected during special occasions like my birthday, what about the other days of the year? And like I said, I’m cheap, so spending $70-100 for facial is never going to happen.

6. My Family

Lastly, I miss my family. I miss my Dad, my Mom, my sisters and my brother ….and just being able to hang out with them anytime I want to. I miss our weekend sleepovers and movie nights at my parents’ bedroom. I miss being there during family gatherings, special celebrations and life events like the births of my nephew and niece! As much as I thought I could handle “adulting” on my own, I miss them terribly! But for now, I just have to love them from a distance. And thanks to technology, I don’t feel so left out.

I moved through the phases of homesickness and have now come to terms with myself and learned to deal with things one day at a time.  Eventually, I came to sincerely enjoy myself and my independence. And the truth is, as much as I long to go back to the Philippines, I now consider US my home and it will forever be a part of my heart.

Have you spent time away from your hometown and family? What do you miss most? ☺️

KC & a truckload of hugs and kisses💋


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42 thoughts on “6 Things I Miss Most About My Home in the Philippines…”

  1. As a British expat living in the states, I can definitely relate to this! I love living here, but I also feel nostalgic about the things I grew up with, and miss my family dearly.

    • Yes, I do miss them dearly. But I’ve come to realize that at some point in our lives we would have to traverse life on our own whether we like it or not. I hope you find the courage to do it!

  2. When i read this i want to run back into the phil. I miss tsismisan with other neighbor dri ka ka tsismis kay wa kaila nla… Eating balot on the street kantahan, discohan sa barangay “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES “.. Na miss pud nku kasaba ni mader …

    • I’m glad you mentioned tsismisan and discohan or what we call “grand ball” in my mom’s hometown! Hehe Don’t worry soon enough you’ll be able to find your happy place here in the US. Di gyud mawala ang kamingaw that’s for sure. But it will get better just hang in there chenny! ☺️

  3. Aw sounds like you miss the Philippines a lot. It sounds like you have wonderful friends and family there, so every time you visit it will be an amazing reunion!

  4. I’ve never been away from my family, especially so far away! I am so sorry that you’re so homesick. You have made me want to visit the Philippines so bad though! Sounds beautiful. My husband is military so it’s only a matter of time that we will be moving around.

    • Being away from my family taught me a lot of things from being independent to living in the present. It’s hard to be away from everything you’ve known. But being away made me a better person. 🙂

  5. Hi honey! I am Filipino too. I totally get what you mean when you say you feel like you have taken them for granted being excited for your new life.. We live and we learn. Now that you are aware you can do something to make it up to them 🙂 That reminds me I will have to call my mom 🙂
    Wish you the best here in America

  6. After all the bad things spreading online about the Philippines, I would never trade it for something permanently. Philippines is a country that offers everything – good food, awesome people, rising economy, and lots of natural resources. It is up to us residents and expats to adjust, not the other way around.

    • That’s true. Lately, I’ve been opening myself up to new friendships and so far it’s been awesome! 🙂 Thank you.

  7. Made me reminisce about the Philippines. I lived there for about 9-10 years. Every week, I have a video call session with my parents. I hope to visit there again.

  8. I know what you mean by being away from your family. It’s sad and hard when things are like that. I missed my friends the most I think when I went away. They kept me grounded and I just didn’t feel grounded when I was away.

  9. Missing things from home is so natural! I also miss my parents cooking, especially my dads. Nothing ever beats being able to enjoy a home cooked meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself.


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