Messy Medicine Cabinet Organizing Tips

“Red looks scary!” That’s the first thing my husband told me after I finished organizing our medicine cabinet. I couldn’t blame him, red does look scary! Looking at all the red containers lined up on the shelf reminds me of a report card with red marks for “fail”. But what can be scarier than having to find that cold and flu medicine in between sniffing and misery in a chaotic pile of bottles and supplies, only to find out that it is expired! Let’s face it, medicine cabinets are often forgotten. Unless you have a fever, cough, or runny nose, the medicine cabinet doesn’t come into mind. However, it is necessary that we make sure everything in our cabinet is current and easy to find. It should be cleaned out often as drugs expire or worse it might get into the wrong hands; i.e., curious toddler!

Like everything else in our house, I’ve rearranged our medicine cabinet a few times already as items start to pile up. So just recently, I decided to update and organize it again.

So here’s a few tips to help you get through it.


  • Containers from Dollar Tree
  • Label maker
  • tags and twine
  • Scissors

1. Empty the cabinet

Empty Cabinet

Just take them all out! You will see how much space is available for you that way. And you will  be able to envision more clearly how you want your cabinet to look. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to spray down and scrub those shelves.

2. Sort and toss

Sort and Toss
Sort and Toss

The first time I ever organized our cabinet after moving in to our house, I found medicines that expired before I came to America, which was four years ago! So it’s important that we start a sorting and tossing session. Put similar products together; e.g. cough medicine together, cold medicine. And toss anything that is expired or questionable.

3. Categorize medicines, organize and label containers

I organized our medicines into eleven main categories. You can do it your way too.

  • Dad’s medicines
  • Mom’s medicines
  • Kids’ medicines
  • Cold/Flu/ Cough (because of lack of space, I had to put these three together)
  • Fever/ Pain
  • Ointment/Cream
  • First Aid (Epipen, First aid booklet, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol etc.) Bonus: Efficascent Oil, the famous VICKS and other Filipino oil and balms you don’t wanna know😂
  • Medicinal Tools
  • Bandages
  • Other Meds (Diarrhea, Sleep aids etc.)
  • Extra items (Medical masks, gloves, hot and cold pack,  extra medicines)

4.  Arrange containers in the cabinet

Arrange Containers

I only had three things in mind when I arranged the containers in the cabinet. First, that Dad and Mom’s medicines should be within sight so we don’t forget to take them. Second, that the First Aid basket can be grabbed easily for emergencies. And third, that the kids’ medicines are out of reach especially if you have a ninja toddler in the house. As for the other containers, they can go wherever, as long as they fit, they’re good. 

We dedicated one cabinet in our kitchen as our medicine cabinet. Our main thing is that it needs to be available for everybody when they need it but at the same time not too accessible that young children like our toddler can abuse it. If you know what I mean. Organizing medicine cabinets or any area in the house for that matter can be overwhelming. However, working on one small area at a time, always works for me. It also helps when we try to commit on maintaining the cleanliness in our house. Maybe make it a habit to inspect our medicine cabinet once a month to ensure that it’s still in good shape? Or making sure that we all put things back in it’s dedicated space after using them? Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. Goodluck! 

How do you organize your medicine cabinet? I would love to hear from you! 😊

KC & a truckload of hugs and kisses💋

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45 thoughts on “Messy Medicine Cabinet Organizing Tips”

  1. My medicine cabinet isn’t that deep, so I have to make due. I try to organize the shelves for medicine, facial care, and dental items. It works…but I wish I had more space like you!

  2. I actually just cleaned out my medicine cabinet the other day. It was sadly embarrassing. There was stuff in there that was WELL expired that I had forgotten about… needless to say they went in the trash.

  3. Haha, this article made me laugh – the way you’ve written it, it’s not like a boring “how to” tips article ☺️ Now your cabinet is all tidy and organised, you’ll be able to find whatever medicines you need in a hurry, and you don’t have to worry about the ninja toddler getting their hands on anything they shouldn’t! X

  4. I really like how organized your cabinet looks. So neat. I’ve all kinds of medicines tugged nicely in my vanity drawers. I like to keep the box packaging so that I can read the descriptions.

    • Thank you dear. I actually kept the packaging too with the label and instructions… I cut them out and tucked them inside the clear bags in the containers. 🙂

  5. I definitely am way overdue for organizing my medicine cabinet. I need to get better at the “toss” part. I am so bad about keeping things that I no longer need. I love the idea of separating them into categories. That’s a great way to keep things more organized. I shall start this project this weekend!

  6. These are some great tips on organizing. I don’t have a traditional medicine cabinet in my bathroom so everything gets shoved under the sink cabinet. Will definitely be using your tips!

  7. Such a lovely way to organize your medicine cabinet. It’s so important to be able to locate items quickly, especially first aid items. Equally important is to clear out the expired things so that you don’t accidentally cause yourself more harm.

  8. I love an organized anything and I think labels and containers definitely make stuff look neat and clean! Love how you organized your medicine cabinet, not everything is in order and you also know where to find the things that you need.

  9. I had to organize my moms medicine cabinet last year. She had so much old medicine prescription so I did a huge trash haul and that was important to the cleaning process.

  10. The thing I really need to do is to get those kind of small containers where I can sort through things and keep those things together. Far to often the things go loose into storage areas and just get so messy so quickly

  11. I am glad I am not the only one that has a cabinet in my kitchen for medications. I have to do this for mine, what huge difference it makes! Great idea!

  12. I like that it’s best to sort your medicines so you can keep the same types of medicines together such as cough medicines. My husband and I find our medicine cabinet messy and disorganized. There are medicine bottles that don’t have caps. We wanted to make it easy for us to find medicines that we need, so we’ll follow all your tips and shop for medication bottle caps.


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